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The Outline of Nakamise Promoting Union
Chairperson 1 person
Vice Chairperson 2 persons
General Affairs Department
Holding General Meetings, preparing materials for General Meetings,
administrate Nakamise Hall, recording minutes of the Board of Directors, administrate Nakamise buildings, purchasing assets
(eg. air-conditioners) for common use.
Administration Department
Holding the Board of Directors, supporting various projects and events.
Accounting Department
Accounting, preparing necessary data for General Meetings.
Welfare Department
Promoting hygiene in public (eg. clearing ditches), conducting social gathering (eg. tours), promoting the welfare of the employees (eg. rewarding the best employees in recognition of the service).
Environment Department
Keeping the look of Nakamise beautiful (eg. 'Seasonal Decoration' as
a main project), holding the additional post of ヤBoundary Line
Monitoring Committeeユ observing the shops keep the rule.
Sales Department
Promoting sales of Nakamise, in charge of the lotteries in the midyear sale and the year-end sale, supporting service of credit cards, promoting common shopping bags.
Public Relations Department
Receiving press publicity and visitors who wish to observe and study
Research and Planning Department
Founded as facility to research to keep Nakamise buildings in good conditions.
Maintaining the outside walls and the backside of Nakamise.
The Youth Association Department
Dealing with all matters concerning the Youth Association
Block Chiefs
Convey important information to all members in each (1-7) blocks.
PC Committee
Founded to promote purchasing PCs.
constructing Nakamise's Web-site for its PR.
Insurance Committee
Representing various kinds of insurance policies.